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How to Do It Right In Public

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating the same person for a long time or are spending your time hooking up with strangers every time the weekend rolls around. You’re going to start fantasizing about taking things to the next level and that almost always involves having sex in public. Fucking in public can be the biggest rush of your sexual life.

You have to worry about someone finding you, but you still have to focus on the task at hand. The chances are very high that you’re going to spend more time focusing on trying not to get caught than getting yourself to an orgasm. Good for the Girl What you need to understand is that having sex in public can be extremely satisfying for the girl. It’s going to be the guy’s job to keep a lookout and that’s going to stop him from ejaculating for a very long time.

She just has to lie back and get jackhammered for an hour and no woman has ever had a problem with that. Any guys who have a problem with premature ejaculation just has to have sex in public to cure it really quickly. Beginners need the Car Any first-time public love makers are going to greatly benefit from having sex in the car until they get a feel for it. It’s an enclosed space and you can park in a place where no one will ever find you. On top of that, you can get her going while you’re driving to your destination. Just reach over and start tickling her naughty parts and she’ll be more than ready for action by the time you park. Your sounds will be muffled and it’s easy to pretend you’re doing something else if someone happens to see you.

Middle of the Night Encounters Once you get used to the act of having sex in your car, you can take it up a notch by sticking to the latest hours of the night. You want to wait until the wee hours of the morning to really explore your public sex desires. You can safely use this hour to find an empty spot in the nearest park to get completely naked and have sex right on the grass. Just make sure you bring a blanket, or you’ll be dealing with insects and lots of dirt. Back Porch Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere in order to have sex in public. If you feel more comfortable doing it at home, then you can simply use your porch to explore your needs. Once again, it’s best to do it at night, but you’re going to know the schedules of the people in your neighborhood. Just wait until you know everyone is in for the night and have your fun on the porch. It’s a more private space than many of the others and you’ll have the porch wall to hide behind so you’re sure not to get caught.

Public Restrooms No matter how many other places you’ve tried, you’re never going to have the freedom to have all the sex you want until you do it in a public restroom. That’s the best place to really let yourself go and do it in public while still being completely protected in a space where you’ll never get caught. It should be your first stop after you try doing it in the car. You’ll get all the excitement of doing it in public while still having four walls and a roof and you can’t get any safer than that.

Conclusion With all that in mind, there’s no reason to stop yourself from having sex in public. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll finally get a chance to live out your deepest fantasies. There’s no better way to add excitement to your sex life that you’ll never be able to match any other way. Just work your way up to the full, public show and you’ll know what to do and what not to do to have a good time. All you need is a partner who’s willing to explore and you’re well on your way to the best sex of your life!
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