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Best Positions for Quickies For You and Your Partner

Quickie sex often refers to a brief sexual encounter between two partners carried out for amusement owing to a shortage of time or space. Having children around them all the time for busy couples and married couples who don't get enough time to spend together to have closeness.

With the ease of access to the clothing, he may quickly unzip his pants and slide his dick beneath the skirt to the vagina, allowing them to enjoy themselves without wasting time or getting dressed and undressed. For all those times when you're in a hurry, trapped at the workplace meeting, or running late for the movie night, here are positions for your quickie time that will assist both of you to achieve orgasm in a smaller amount of time. You can quickly learn these positions at Omegle

The dominant position at the desk

Dominant Position at the Desk. The recipient lies flat on a desk with their hips resting on the edge. Standing between the receiving partner's thighs, the penetrating partner pushes within. It's simple to employ the workstation for purposes other than work by adopting the workstation Domination stance. The penetrating partner must have a desk around the height of their crotch, although they can lean forward or stand straighter to assist in altering where their hips fall. This position provides a good grip for him to give her a smack of his dick and fuck her hard.

Pleasure in a standing posture

This is pretty basic and typical, but it works. The woman's waist-down bending helps to produce an excellent angle for the penis to strike the target. The girl can utilize a tiny stool or the floor for additional support. You don't need a bed for this position when you have a quickie. Therefore it's ideal. Simply lean down while standing to allow your lover to enter you from behind while one of you is stimulating your clit. This is a seldom-used position that may be performed without any particular posture.

Doggy Style

Since it offers tremendous stimulation and is inherently hot and heavy, being on all fours is incredibly attractive. This is the position that both men and women desire to be in. Your partner will enjoy how deeply they can reach into you from behind by sliding their clit into your vagina or anal, depending on the agreement, to make it more intense. She can also touch herself by rubbing her clit with her hand, intensifying the sex experience. She can also bring in the vibrator to use it on the clit. Selena Green Vargas is a pro at doggy style, and you can watch porn simply by searching.

Backward Sitting

This position may be an excellent quickie substitute for woman-on-top, even if it can make your partner last longer because you set the tempo. If you're pressed for time, you must establish and maintain a quick, furious tempo while lying on your partner in a chair or on the bed. Because your lover may easily access your clit and nipples by reaching around while you move up and down, turning away from them will boost the ante. This position is super sexy for him, where he gets to enjoy the pleasure only by sitting where else she rides him at her pace; he can also grab the boobs from behind and kiss her neck during the sexual process.

Over The Edge Of The Crouch

Nothing makes your name shout louder and louder than being hunched over the arm of a couch. Use the Over the Edge Position to make it happen. Everything about the Over the Edge position puts you in a great place to have an incredible time, especially if the two of you are in a power exchange relationship or just having enough hard sex.


The sex position used during the quickie will enable you to perform sex in various ways, including backward sitting and doggy style. Again, intensity is the key to a successful quickie. The more intense and sensual things become, the more frantic you want to get off will become. When there is a sense of urgency, though, it doesn't necessarily mean that the sex needs to be more complicated than usual.
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