Bartender caught pulling gun and punching woman five times during parking lot dispute

Dallas bartender Austin Shuffield, 30, was caught on camera assaulting L'Daijohnique Lee, 24, during a parking lot dispute. Her car was going the wrong way and blocking his and he asked her to move, then wanted to take a picture of her license plate. That sparked the fiasco. She was calling the cops. He smacks phone out of her hand and has a gun in his other hand. She punches him. He punches her about five times, then kicks her phone. Some dumb activists are calling it a hate crime, but it's just a dumb fight in the parking lot. Their skin color does not matter. The guy seemed like he just wanted to fight someone and probably would have done that to anyone, not just her because she's black. You can't call every fight a hate crime. If he was calling her a n---er, then sure - it's hateful. But this was just a fight. Shuffield was fired from his job and charged with misdemeanor assault.